Thursday, November 17, 2005

Worship: Honesty or Decorum?

I stumbled onto two really fascinating blog entries over at Christianity Today:
Expletive Undeleted: Dropping the F-bomb in Church
Expletive Undeleted 2: The F-bomb Fallout

As I comment after the second entry, I think this was a tough call for Pastor Mike Sares to make, given his wonderfully unusual church. (I don't think I'd even be faced with this decision in my church.)

I'm most disappointed with those who respond dismissively, as in "The fact that this even up for discussion is mind boggling." I'm not sure why anyone with that mentality would even be reading a blog and offering a comment. I believe Engaging in discussion is always beneficial. And I believe, if we are Christians following Christ's example, engaging in discussion is part of refusing to give up on others, just as God doggedly pursues us.

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