Wednesday, November 16, 2005

What's all this then?

This blog is a collection of resources and thoughts related to my job as Music Director of a small United Methodist Church in Belton, MO, which is in the Greater Kansas City Metropolitan area.

Much of what you'll see is the stuff I prepare weekly for worship services--the list of songs, the texts of scriptures, meditations, calls to worship, etc. that are interspersed between songs or within songs between verses. If you're looking for this sort of stuff, feel free to use it if it suits your purposes.

Occasionally, you'll see postings of my own reflections related to music, worship, working in church, my own spiritual or personal journey, or about society in general. You won't see anything related to baseball, because I have my own blog for that. Increasingly, I've wanted to write about other things that readers of that blog would probably not be interested in. That's what this space is for.

Comments and emails are encouraged--people who know me know that my interest is always in dialog and mutual understanding, even if we ultimately disagree with one another. Strong opinions are great, but isolating oneself because of them is, I believe, a great tragedy.

Finally, a word about the title of this blog; five years ago, I would have told you quite confidently that I was not the sort of person who would ever be a worship leader. I had tried before and it was clearly not how I was gifted. I can't say now that I'm a different person, or that I was being stubborn before, but I've come to realize that when the prophet of Lamentations speaks of God's mercies as "new every morning," that it means, ironically, that the future is open. Somehow, in the midst of our predictable Universe, God keeps throwing us surprises. Count me in as one who's excited (and maybe a little bit scared) about what unknown mercy is around the next corner.

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